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August 28, 2020
August 28, 2020 game@admin

In this post I will teach you how to set up chess board, how different pieces move, and all the rules of the game. I will tell you everything about chess and I will keep it very simple so you can understand easily.

So chess board has to be arranged in a way that both players have a white coloured square at bottom of right hand side, in second row there will be all the pawns and first row is arranged like this, in corners there are rooks next to them there will be knights next to them there will be bishops and after that the queens will be in matching coloured boxes which means white Queen will be in white box and black coloured Queen in black box, and at last King will be placed in remaining square.
If your board is set correctly then matching pieces will face each other, Queen facing Queen and King will be facing king the player with white pieces will initiate the game.

Each piece has its unique movement.

Let’s explore about each piece;

  • Rook: Rook moves in + pattern. Up, down, left or right and as many squares as player want. It can kill the first enemy piece in its way. When you kill an enemy piece you remove their piece from the square and place your own piece.
  • Bishop: Bishop moves in X pattern. It can move as many squares as player want in cross direction. It can kill first event piece in its way.
  • Queen: It is considered most powerful piece because it moves like rook and bishop both. It can move vertically, horizontally and diagonally as many square as player want and can kill the first enemy piece in its way.
  • Knight:It moves in L shape, two steps in one direction and then one step right or left. It can move on any square which highlighted red in here. Knight is the only piece which can jump over other pieces and it can kill any enemy piece highlighted in red.
  • Pawn:This is a piece which moves in one direction but kills in another, pawn can only move one step forward but when it’s moving first time from it’s place it can move one or two steps forward after first time or can only move one step further example here you might think that white pawn can kill black pawn, but no. These pawns are interlock here they can’t move but this pawn has an option either move forward or kill the black pawn, one more thing about pawns, of they reach the opponents side then or can be promoted in any piece Queen, Rook, knight or bishop tis is solely player’s choice.
  • King: Now let’s discuss most important piece, King. Our target is to checkmate the opponent’s King. Because after checkmate the game is over. King can move only one step in any one direction when your piece in position to start opponents King then it is called check which means King is under attack.

If your King is under check, then the are 3 ways to save it;

  1. Moving the king on a safe square
  2. Block the check
  3. Kill the piece giving check to king

If you’re under check and there is no option to save the check then attacking player can declare checkmate, the game is over and attacker wins the game.
There are chances of draw as well, it’s called stalemate position.
Game can be draw by insufficient pieces for example, if only 2 kings and a knight is there then the game can’t be finished it will go on and on. Same way with 2 kings and one bishop and if there are only two kings in this case it is draw as well.

Now let’s see fifty move rule. Here chances are null of winning on either side. And of both players agree, draw can be declared but if game continues both players will be given fifty moves but if no-one manages to win then game will be draw. So, with this we learnt chess, its basics set up, its rules and movement of pieces. I hope you liked the video. Please like, share and subscribe.

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