How To Play Dice Games Online

August 2, 2021 game@admin

Today we’re going to talk about a game that you must have read about, watched, and heard in stories. This game that has been popular for ages is Dice.

Today we will learn how to play dice and what are the rules. Dice games are simple because they involve no calculation or logic.

There are four boxes that display numbers of three digits of four.The numbers open randomly and the player has to bet on the range where the number will fall.

But what is the range? And how can you bet on a given range?

The dice can display any number between 0 to 9999. Above the range line, there is a cursor that can be moved up and down. The cursor displays a number that changes with its movement. The number on the cursor is important because it forms the ‘reference number’ and this decides the number range.

The range line is divided into two parts depending on the reference number. You can place a bet on any part by guessing which range the number in the boxes will fall in. If the opening number falls in the player’s range, then the player will win. If not, then the player loses.

Your selected range depicts your win chance. Win chance is the probability that your range will win. The left and right of the range line give the player an idea about what their chances of winning out of 100 are.

For instance, If you select the reference number at 5000. Now you can bet between 0-4999 and from 5000-9999. Now you select the range 0-4999. At this point, your win chance is 50, which means the chances of you winning is 50-50. The payout ratio is 1.96 which means you will Rs. 1960 on an Rs.1000 bet. If the opening number falls within the chosen range, you will win.

You can play this game as many times as you want with different bets. It just depends on your appetite for risk!

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