How to Play Dragon Tiger | Dragon Tiger Rules

August 29, 2020
August 29, 2020 game@admin

This blog will make you understand casino game ‘Dragon and Tiger’.
Trust me it is a very easy game. In fact to be honest you don’t need to use brain in this game at all.

"This game solely depends on your luck"


So if you think your luck is good then go and try it out. Let’s see how it is played. But before that understanding its scoring system is necessary. Each card has a point or a score. As you can see Ace=1 point, 2=2 points, 3=3 points and so on.

Check the video to see how the table of this game looks like. One side of called dragon and another is called tiger. Dealer deals one card to dragon and tiger after shuffling, whichever scores higher is the winner. See! I told you it was an easy game.

Pay out system is even money, which means if you win you will win exactly that amount for example, if I bet on tiger 200₹ then I will win 200₹ profit. So that’s it. You can play it in casinos and online portals as well.

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