The Ultimate Guide On How To Play Roulette

August 30, 2020
August 30, 2020 game@admin

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world and it is very easy as you’ll be seeing in the video there is a wheel and in that there are red and black numbers total 37 squares are there with one 0.
Round starts when the wheel is rotated and one ball is released into it and call stops in one of the boxes and we get on that square, colour or number.

Let’s understand some basic rules of betting. There are 4 types of betting;

  1. Bet on single number
  2. Range of numbers, for example, 1-12
  3. Red or black
  4. Odd or even number

There is only a certain time period allotted to place bets. Dealer will say “no more bets”.

Winner will be given profit after each round.


Bet placements

Let’s start with low profits 1:1 the amount you bet will be your profit if you win. There are 4 categories like that.

  1. Low numbers: You bet that ball will stop in range of 1-18
  2. High numbers: You bet that ball will stop in range of 19-36
  3. Odd/Even: Ball will stop on either odd or even
  4. Red/Black: Ball will either stop on red or black colour

You can bet on any of the categories.

Next is 2:1 in that you can win twice as you bet.

  1. First category is first dozen you’re betting that ball will be in 1-12 range
  2. Second category is second dozen you’re betting that ball will be in 13-24 range
  3. Third category is third dozen you’re betting that ball will be in 25 -36 range

You can choose one of these 3 columns. If you win you will get double amount of your bet. If I bet 1000 and I win then I will be getting 2000 profit which means 3000₹.

These were low profit bets now I will tell you biggest bets listen carefully.

If you bet on a single number and if you win then you will get 35 times more profit. For example if I bet 1000₹ on number 12 and if I win, I will get 35000₹.

You can bet on two numbers as well. In that case if you win you will get 17 times return which means if I bet 1000₹ and win I will get 17000₹ in return.

If you bet on a row with bet on three numbers in this case you can win 11 times return. Which means if you bet 1000₹ you will win 11000₹.

If you bet on four numbers then it is called corner bet in this you can win 8 times return.

Last is six line bet in this case you can win 5 times return. So this was bet placements.

Let’s see some examples.
Example 1- if you bet on red colour and range 1-18 and you bet 10 dollars in each. If one of the guesses is right then you win that bet and lose the money in bet you lost.
Example 2- let’s say you think next number will be in third dozen and will be even and you bet 10 dollars on each if result is 30 red you will win 30 dollars 10 dollars from even number and 20 dollars from third dozen guess.
So that’s it guys. I hope you liked the video.

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