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August 31, 2020
August 31, 2020 game@admin

Sequence is really a fun game. You can play it in group with friends and family. In this video you will know the basic concepts, objectives, rules and game flow.

To play this game you need its board, colouring chips, 2 decks of cards.
2 to 12 people can play this game who can be divided into 2 or 3 teams, based on how many people are playing the game cards are distributed to players for example, if 4 people are playing in 2 teams each player will get 6 cards.
Objective of the team is to make sequence with their coloured chips it can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Let’s see an example, in the video just to explain I have opened all the cards but in game you don’t show your cards to other players. The player has to discard one card, the card is displayed at two places on the board and on one of those places they have to put their coloured chip and will have to draw one card, and so on. The game will continue in clockwise direction. All team members will try to make a sequence with 5 chips before the opposing team does.

They can stop other team from making the sequence as well. There are 2 types of Jacks.

  1. Jack with only one eye visible: you can use it to remove the opponent’s chip. You can only remove the chip which isn’t a part of a sequence
  2. 2 eyed Jack: it is a wild card you can use it to place your chip on any card

Next rule is that four corners of board are wild cards you can use it to complete your sequence without having to put your chip on it.
If you have a card who’s both places are filled then it will be called a dead card you can discard it and draw a new card and take your turn normally.
If you forget to take new card and next player picks a card then your turn will be skipped and you will have to play the rest of the game with one less card.
One chip can be shared between 2 sequences the team which finishes 2 sequences first wins the game.
I hope you understood the game. Like, share and subscribe.

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