How To Play & Win Wheel of Fortune

April 14, 2021
April 14, 2021 game@admin

Being one of our most favorite TV shows, Wheel of Fortune is close to our hearts more than any other game. Isn’t it? It is such a simple game. All you have to do is spin the wheel, choose the outcomes and see how far you can go. What you ideally need to win at this game is a fine combination of luck and skills to collect the most wheel dollars and win.

Wheel of Fortune is also one of the most popular casino games that are found in every casino around the world. Also, this game is amongst one such game where the variants are almost similar at all places. Hence if you learn the basics of this game once, you can play this anywhere, anytime.

Plus, given that the game is so easy to play and host, you can either play this game for money or just casually with your friends and family. When you host this game at any big or small family events, one thing is for sure that your event is going to be super hit and people are going to remember it for a lifetime.

Now that we are all excited about this game and have all these ideas in our heads, let’s see what Wheel of Fortune is all about.

So, how do we play this game?

Playing Wheel of Fortune is very simple. There’s a wheel with different things written on it. These things define the payouts that the player will receive. Besides the wheel, there’s a box with plus and minus signs where you have to enter the amount and click on “play.”

As soon as you click “play” the wheel starts rotating. So basically wherever your wheel stops, that’s where the game ends, and what you win or lose is decided. There are typically four forms of payouts in this game.

  • x1- this means you win the same amount as you’ve selected.
  • x2- this means you win double the amount that you’ve selected.
  • Royal- this means you win four times the amount that you’ve selected.
  • No luck- this means you win nothing in this particular round.
  • Joker- this has a payout ratio same as x2 which means you win double the amount that you’ve selected.

Let’s see an example.

Say I’ve decided to play with INR 1000.

The wheel starts rotating and it stops on Joker.

This means I’ll have a payout ratio of 1:2 since the payout for joker is x2.

So in this game, I won INR 2000.

This is how simple it is to play and win this popular game, Wheel of Fortune. Now that you know this game in and out, we wish you all the luck to win big at this game.



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