Learn How To Play Dice 3D Game With Easy Tricks & Tips

August 2, 2021
August 2, 2021 game@admin

Today we’re going to talk about a game that is not just popular but has many versions to it, online and offline. This is the Dice Game. This game is called Dice 3D.

First, there are six dice in different shapes with numbers written on them. In this game, we have numbers within the range of 6-60. Among them, any number can randomly open on the top of the dice. Every dice shows one or two numbers, the total of which has to be taken out. The sum total will be regarded as the opening number.

Under the dice, there’s a line with a cursor. This line has a number on it called the reference number. The reference number divides the range (6-60) into two. We can move the cursor left or right. Say, for example, the cursor is at 35, then one range is 6-34 and the second is 35-60.

If the sum total of the dice falls within your selected range, then the player wins. Or else, the player loses.

The win chance predicts the chances of your win and accordingly decides the pay-out ratio. For instance, if the win chance for 35 is 52.73 and the pay-out ratio is 1.8585, then for a bet of Rs. 1000, the player will win Rs. 1858.50 (1000 X 1.8585).

Let’s take an example, where you take the number on the cursor as 27. Now you have two ranges, 6-26 and 27-60. If you select 6-26, then your win chance is 38.18% and your payout ratio is 2.5668 which means you will earn Rs. 2566.80 on a bet of Rs.1000. If you select 27-60, then your win chance is 61.82% and the payout ratio will be 1.5852 which means you will win Rs. 1585.2 on a bet of Rs.1000. You choose 6-26 to try your luck at a larger winning amount. Your numbers on the dice are 2,5,6,3,1 and 4. The sum of which is 21 and well within your chosen range. This means you win.

You play the dice game as many times as you want with friends, family or alone.

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