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March 23, 2021
March 23, 2021 game@admin

Making money off-exchange platforms is one of the most dynamic forms of betting and gambling. While the international markets are in play, the odds and evens of betting are not only complex but the rules are hard to get through as well.

That is exactly why we have got you covered with everything you need to learn about making money off the exchange platforms and you’ll be able to make the right decisions on betting at these platforms. With this article, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge about Stake, Back & Lay, and how all of these are calculated.

Then, moving further, this article also covers the process of counting and accumulating profits and the detailed analysis of the risk factors that make up for winning and losing on the exchange platforms.

There are a lot of websites out there that give you diverse avenues for betting and gambling through exchange platforms. Betfair is one of them but it is available in selected countries only. So how this works is that these sites have all the current sports listed down where you can place your bets and win. Also, there are several matches and games listed that are currently live.

Once you select the game and the match that you want to place your bets on, another page opens where you’ll be allowed to monitor the dynamics of the game. Everything that you need to win money on that sport is right in that box. All you have to do is closely monitor and not lose your focus.

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to bet on a certain match, the next step is about deciding what you will bet on. In the box that we are monitoring now, is listed both the teams that are playing, and then there is a row called “the draw” which is for instances when the match goes to draw.

Towards the right of that box, there are smaller boxes colored in blue and pink. They are labeled as “Back All” and “Lay All” respectively. Below them are mentioned the respective rates with regards to the team that is mentioned on the left. If you choose “Back All” for a team that means you are looking to bet on that team winning this particular game. If that is what happens when you make in the ratio of numbers mentioned in the respective boxes.

If you choose the “Lay All” that means the boxes in pink, that means you are choosing to bet on the team losing the match. If this is how the match turns then you make money according to the mentioned ratios in the pink boxes.

While you’re at it, there’s another box on the right side of this box which gives you a very fair picture of how much your profit will be in case you win and how much will the liability be in case you lose. These calculations are done based on the team that you bet on and the position that you bet on. This will help you determine whether you want to place a particular bet or not.

Generally speaking, liabilities in the “Lay All” position is lesser as compared to the “Back All” position. However, the profit that you incur on both these modules is similar.  And there you are! This is all that you need to know about making money and betting on the exchange platforms.

Most of these sites that offer placing bets also offer demo gaming to start with. It is always advisable for you to first take up betting on these demo modules so that you understand the patterns and the calculations better.

Now that you know all about making money off the exchange platforms, we wish you good luck playing the game!

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