What is Binary?

September 1, 2020
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September 1, 2020 game@admin

Let’s understand binary, how to predict stock market and make money.
See the video, on the screen stock market listed companies are visible as example Axis, Nifty ICICI, Reliance etc.
Next to the in pink and blue its buy and sell rates are available closest to the current market rate keep flashing in yellow colour. These are live data and you have to bet that when the market will close today what will be price of stock then. NO means you’re saying the price will be lower than price showed in NO and if it’s low then you will win and if you say YES you’re saying the prices will be more than showed in YES and if the price is higher than that you will win.

Let’s see one example of Axis Bank, I’m trying to place a bet on yes for 745₹ if at the time of closing market price of Axis Bank is higher than 745₹ then I will win, if I bet 500₹ then I will get 500₹ more in return. And if I lose then I will have to pay 500₹.
Let’s see another example of NO. If I bet 100₹ on Nifty at 12354₹. Which means if Nifty closes at lower than 12354₹ then I will win but if it is higher than 12354₹ then I will lose.

On each line profit and lost are written, which is your maximum possible loss, after clicking on that you will see position table here(in video) you can see at the end what your profit or loss can be. From 742 to 744 is my loss and from 745 to 746 is my profit.

It is very easy friends, you can play online games like this you only have to predict the price. YES means the price will increase and NO means the price will decrease. and all of this data is live buy and sell rates.
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